1914 Introduced under War Pensions Act 1914.
Available to widows who’s husband had been killed or died on active service.
Widow had to be financially dependent on deceased.
1915 Act amended deleting financial dependency rule.
De-facto widows recognised.
Parliament addressed Remarried War Widows Pension
1917 If a widow remarried she continued to receive pension for two years.
This was considered to be a reasonable time for her new husband to assume financial responsibility for his wife.
Other minor changes also occurred.
1924 Widows granted free medical treatment.
Automatic pension to widow on death of TPI special rate pensioner. There have been many accounting adjustments over the years in line with community standards.
1931 Financial Emergency Act reduced the payment.
1950 Australian Soldiers Repatriation Act granted 1 years payment of pension.
1984 Widows remarrying after 28 May 1984 continued to receive the War Widows Pension.
1986 Income Support Supplement frozen at $120.10 per fortnight.
2002 Pre 1984 remarried reinstated (May 2001 Budget).
2002 May Budget – thawing of ISS – effective 20 Sept 2002 – $2.10 and is related to the indexing of the Service pension.